Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Surprising Voice of God

God has been speaking to us throughout our lives. Many times, we look back and realize that the nudge we had to do something, or the thought that passed through our heads were moments when God had broken through to us to direct our steps or to comfort us with His love...

True Friends

Jesus is surprising. He leaps from the written page and into your life, shaking your world. Prayer goes from just Him listening to your requests to a conversation where He in turn shares His most intimate secrets. That is one of the most astonishing things about Jesus. When we entrust Him with our hearts, He in turn tests the waters by sharing something that’s on His heart. Well, isn’t that what a relationship is like? If it’s all one direction, with one person’s needs being met while the other is ignored, there is no real closeness. The silent Partner is kind and loving, but still a stranger. And God so longs to be known, not just in reading about Him, but as a true Friend. No longer speaking in parables, He speaks in language we can uniquely understand. How? He knows our inside jokes, the hidden meanings behind words that only intimate friends pick up. When we realize He is not only there for us, but that we can minister to His heart, a beautiful and dynamic relationship has been formed.

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